At Quadrant we believe the traditional "creatives" vs "suits" divide is outmoded, as is the divide between design groups, advertising agencies, exhibition companies etc. Quadrant is a true communications company. By adopting this broad approach we naturally "think outside the box" and are not constrained to propose a direct mail campaign because we are a direct mail agency, or an advertising campaign because we are an ad agency. We therefore create and deliver integrated campaigns.

At Quadrant we try to work with our clients, we are not a precious or pretentious agency but we endeavour to form effective working partnerships. Any organisation that believes its agency is no more important to their business than their stationery supplier is not our type of client. At Quadrant we are different, we are focused on helping our clients (as opposed to ourselves) to achieve a business advantage. We look to form long-term partnerships which is good for our clients and if we're honest, good for us. We aim to become part of your management team. This approach requires an investment by both our clients and ourselves but ultimately delivers a more powerful working relationship.

Delivering integrated solutions:

  • Corporate and brand identities
  • Brochures and literature design
  • Direct mail design and implementation
  • Advertising design and production
  • New Media design and development
  • Inter and intranet design and authoring
  • Video and motion content production
  • Exhibition and event design and management

Central to everything we do is creative thinking and to deliver such a broad spectrum of service we work with a core team of trusted suppliers and business partners.

technology and communications

There is no substitute for meetings, good original thinking, or outstanding creative work, however beyond initial briefings we apply technology wherever possible to make most efficient use of time. Our long experience of working with international clients has made this a necessity (We bought the original release of Adobe Acrobat, then an obscure program). Like all companies we don't know what we did before e-mail, but we are extending this to include web based creative resources. This allows organisations to more effectively and efficiently manage their marketing communications resources. By creating online libraries of images and artwork, the age of web enabled marketing communications is here and one we experienced of working in.

truly international

We do not have offices in every major country in the world but this does not stop us from being a truly international agency. Today approximately 60% of our billing is outside the UK. We have an understanding and awareness of the needs of multinational organisations to both control the creative look and to allow local market flexibility. For many multinational clients it is practical for them to work in English as the main language when producing new creative material, concepts and copy can be more easily understood by a wider group of local managers than any other language. Many of our clients are not native English speakers and look to us to ensure that the solutions are credible. Quadrant has over 29 years experience of working on international marketing communications programmes.

it's all about relationships

By working in partnership with our clients we develop a deeper understanding of the broader issues that apply to their businesses. This helps in two main ways. Firstly we tend to be viewed by clients as colleagues, not suppliers. As we in turn view our clients as long-term partners, not short-term cash dispensers. We always seek to find the right approach for the business. Secondly by understanding the business, without being wrapped up in the day-to-day nitty gritty, we can intelligently apply our skills in marketing and knowledge of a spectrum of markets in creating innovative communication solutions. A key aspect here, is that clients are actively encouraged to directly liaise with the designers, reducing "Chinese Whispers", making us more responsive and improving final outcomes.