what we do

Quadrant Communications is a design based marketing communication agency. Established in 1991, we are a proven resource that has delivered outstanding results for our clients for over 25 years. In a business environment increasingly obsessed by a process driven, best practice culture, we value originality. We enjoy challenging the norms and the established culture.

At Quadrant we seek to form meaningful productive partnerships with our clients.
Gone are the days when a marketing communications programme entailed little more than an ad and a brochure. Today there is an ever expanding spectrum of communications tools.

We are equally at home developing comforting corporate brochures, an aggressive direct mail, or informative and engaging Internet sites.

The core of our business is outstanding creative design that makes an impact.

We work with clients across the world and have built an understanding of "what works" in many markets.

Relationships are at the core of our business. We work hard to make our clients "look good" in their organisations.


truly international

it's all about relationships


At Quadrant we work with our clients, we are not a precious or pretentious agency but we endeavour to form effective working partnerships. Any organisation that believes its agency is no more important to their business than their stationery supplier is not our type of client. We are different, we are focused on helping our clients (as opposed to ourselves) to achieve a business advantage.

We look to form long-term partnerships which is good for our clients and if we're honest good for us. We aim to become part of your marketing team. This approach requires an investment by both our clients and ourselves but ultimately delivers a more powerful working relationship.

getting close to our clients' business

By working in partnership with our clients we develop a deeper understanding of the broader issues that apply to their businesses. This helps in two main ways. Firstly we tend to be viewed by clients as colleagues, not suppliers. As we in turn view our clients as longterm partners, not short-term cash dispensers. We always seek to find the approach that is right for the business. For example we will encourage and help clients to undertake a task in-house if we can't add anything to the project.

Secondly by understanding the business, without being wrapped up in the day-to-day nitty gritty, we can intelligently apply our skills in marketing and knowledge of a spectrum of markets in creating innovative communication solutions. Another key aspect of Quadrant's offering is clients are actively encouraged to directly liaise with the creative team reducing "Chinese Whispers", making us more responsive and improving final outcomes.

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our clients

"In Quadrant, we have found an agency who for the last 10 years has delivered consistently strong campaigns in alignment with our key strategies. Whilst delivering highly creative and innovative material, the team also have a deep understanding of the constraints in which we work within the medical industry. They have an in-depth market knowledge of both ABPI and Eucomed Guidelines, and takes the time to ensure their work meets our own exacting compliance structure and brand guidelines.

Working with them is both easy and a pleasure; they are a hardworking, creative bunch who frequently exceed our expectations. In addition to all of this, they frankly make coming to work more fun!"

Lindsay Fleming
Senior Product and Customer Experience Manager, Hollister UK

"Quadrant Communications is different from any other communication agency. They are not working for you, they are partnering with you which makes a huge difference. They understand my business and my needs, in addition they are incredibly flexible and committed to drive excellence. That's why I have worked with them for over 15 years."

Michele d'Herde
Marketing Communications Manager, LivaNova Europe, Canada and Australia