Bayer UK
Encouraging greater cohesion and focus in the radiology team

To bring together all client facing teams in Bayer Radiology to achieve a common goal.

Bayer's Radiology team included three distinct customer facing groups: the sales team, the equipment service team (responsible for maintaining existing equipment and attending breakdowns) and the clinical specialists who work with customers on training and application support. Quadrant was asked to develop a series of annual themes and tools to enhance the cohesion of the team and to encourage greater communication between the groups. This would help to spot new opportunities and to improve moral. In 2016 the theme was based on "Taking the team to the next level" and in addition to the theming a closed team app was developed that allowed the group to share photos and examples of success and communicate opportunities. The three teams now work more closely than ever before and the team spirit is tangible. This has also translated into a record financial performance for Bayer Radiology in the UK.

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